The Clinical Picture from the Chinese Medicine (TCM) Point of View


Disease of the Peripheral Nerves

Polyneuropathy, a disease of the peripheral nerve fibres, is one of the illnesses that people in advanced age are increasingly afflicted with. Sensations of numbness in feet and legs, pain, restless legs and the inability to walk or stand normally are the symptoms. In the opinion of neurologists, polyneuropathy is not treatable. Medical treatment is limited to relieving a process of illness that cannot be stopped.
Just the opposite, Chinese Medicine offers approaches that allow the findings of modern medicine concerning polyneuropathy to be re-evaluated and classified in a broader horizon. Through these findings, our understanding of polyneuropathy can be expanded and Chinese medicinal therapy used with astounding success. The results of treatment for restless legs and some forms of polyneuropathy caused by paraproteins are extremely good. But also the diabetic form caused by diabetes responds very well to treatment.
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